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            We seek out better ways to help people in all industries get their jobs done right.  

          Our Policies

          Quality Policy

          HCMI commited to deliver High Quality Product at competitive prices and on schedule delivery in order to meet the customer satisfaction. To Achieve this policy:

          1. HCMI is obligated to always improve and maintain the Quality Management System in accordance with the rules defined in ISO 9001:2008 standard.
          2. HCMI is obligated to enhance moral continuously by which all employees always work hard comfortably and participate actively in achieving the company targets.
          3. HCMI will be able to become the International World Wide Company and always give customer satisfied.
          4. HCMI will develop and introduce new technologies supported by an effective training program and to ensure the continual improvement.

          High quality products on time delivery.

          Customer satisfaction from reliable good value products and services.

          Motivate the employees to participate actively in achieving company's targets.

          International world wide company by continual improvements through working target determination.

          Environmental Policy

          PT. Hitachi Construction Machinery Indonesia, a manufacture of wide variety of Construction Machines, Components and Engineering products, is committed to prevent pollution to air, water and soil contamination, by minimizing environmental impact of our production through continual improvement of Environmental Management System.

          We shall:

          Have foremost regards for health and safety of our employees and emergency response.

          Cut energy consumption, noise, wastes and conserve other resources, while practicable.

          Maintain to adhere the environmental legislation, regulation and other requirements to which our company subscribes.

          Innovate environmental awareness among employees through training, education and participation.

          Occupational Health & Safety Policy

          HCMI is a manufacturer of various specifications of construction machinery, components and product engineering is commited to doing OHSAS 18001:2007 and remains priority objectives concerning the aspect of concern for health and safety along with employees, customers, guests and everyone which directly or indirectly effects on the HCMI activities.

          We must:

          HCMI must obey and comply with regulations, legislation and other needs related to OHS risk.

          Cut out injuries, occupational deseases (PAK) and make continuous improvement of OHS management and performance.

          Must prioritize the safety and health of employees, alert and responsive in an emergency.

          Innitiate an increasing role of active and OHS awareness for employees through training and education.

          Occupational Health & Safety Vision :

          Through our creativity, reliability and togetherness HCMI always strives to work and act safely in accordance with the "safety first" concept and expends all means toward establishing workplaces that are simultaneously free from accidents, healthy, cheerful and comfortable.

          Occupational Health & Safety Mission :

          1. Prevent occupational accident.
          2. Establish a safety culture by raising safety awareness and enforcing compliance with the basic rule.
          3. Comprehensively strengthen occupational health activities by promoting "health management".
          4. Thoroughly comply with relevant laws/regulations.


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